Six tips:how to place the wall clock correctly!


The wall clock not only timing, but also decorate the room according to the owner's personality. Now more and more people are buying wall clocks to decorate their rooms. How to place the wall clock correctly? The placement of wall clocks are very exquisite. Here are six suggestions for you.


1.The shape and size

The wall clock in the house should be square or round, and try to avoid triangles, hexagons or octagons. These shapes of clocks will cause disputes in the house, but the round and square clocks are the most peaceful.

The size of the wall clock should be selected appropriately, and judged according to the area of the wall and the size of the room. If you hang a clock in your home that does not match the area of the room and is too large, first of all, it is completely negative in terms of decoration,Secondly  form a sound evil.

2.The quantity not be too much

There is only one master clock in the living room, and no more than one wall clock in the other rooms. If there are too many clocks in the house, the tranquility of the house will become unstable, and the people in the house will often have constant troubles.

3.The orientation

The orientation of the wall clock in the living room should not be towards the inside of the living room, but should be adjusted to the direction of the door or balcony. The reason is that if there is no one in the living room, the airflow is still, so that the wall clock can be put up to make the airflow and increases the vitality in the living room

4.Don't face the main entrance

Alought the wall clock faces the door better, once it is located in the middle of the living room facing the door, it is not suitable. The reason is that the clock is homophonic as "end". If you enter the door and look up, you will see the clock. It will feel unlucky, so the wall clock is best hung beside the door.

5.Living room

It is not advisable to hang a clock above the sofa in the living room, otherwise, people who often sit in this position will feel uneasy and prone to physical problems. A clock can be placed on the left of the living room. The wall clock in the living room is often seen. It is recommended to have a night light function and big number to look clear.


Clocks should not be hung at the head and foot of the bed, and other positions will not pose a major problem.

The bed is a place for people to rest. It is “quiet” in feng shui theory, while the clock is a moving object, so it is not suitable to be placed around the bed. It will not only affect the sleep of the family, but also lead to emotional breakdown of the couple. So don't place a clock with a sound of a pendulum. Such a clock will ring at punctuality. Choose a silent one.